Noxgear Lighted Running Vest Review

Noxgear Lighted Running Vest Review

Product:  Tracer360° Illuminated Vest

Noxgear Lighted Running Vest Review

Noxgear Lighted Running Vest Review
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Dimensions:  3.6 x 2.5 x 8 in; 5.6 oz

Guarantee:  1 year

Amazon Rating:  4.8 out of 5 stars

I bought this Noxgear lighted running vest to go with the LightHound dog harness I got for my dog. Again I am not disappointed! It made me really visible so it does take a little while to get used to, but it felt really safe! The eye-catching, 360° illumination caused people driving by me in their cars to stop and ask where I got the ‘cool-looking’ illuminated vest. They told me everyone should have them. Perfect for evening joggers, cyclists and dog walkers.

There are 6 super bright solid colors – Red, Blue, Purple, Pink, Green, and Orange AND 5 multicolor flashing modes easily selectable at the press of a button right on the vest, easy to access while you’re walking, running, etc.

Unlike reflective running vests these flexible fiber optic cables, and 3M reflector chest belts alert traffic before their headlights are on you. The ‘X’ shape of the light cables creates a larger visibility area, illuminating both sides of the body and making you visible from over a quarter mile in any direction.

The vest is very lightweight (6.5 ounces), sweat-resistant and comfortable since it’s made with high quality sports mesh and elastic. With the slim, minimalistic design it won’t trap sweat and you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Since this vest is highly adjustable it can be worn throughout the year. It expands easily to fit over a winter coat or adjusts down to fit over a tank top in summer. Zero bounce and rain-resistant.

The vest takes 3 AAA batteries which should last about six months with daily use.

Noxgear was founded by engineer athletes with great customer service too.

The Tracer 360° Illuminated Vest is truly a revolutionary design and far surpasses the old-fashioned head lamps and reflective clothing. I am extremely pleased with the vest and could not even find one thing I did not like about it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them in the comment section below and I will reply within a day or two.

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