How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping the Fence

How to Stop a Dog from Jumping the Fence

The Fence is a Challenge for Your Dog

Fences are great for keeping people and animals out, but keeping dogs within can be difficult. Dogs see fences as a challenge to surmount. Luckily, there are DIY solutions for how to stop a dog from jumping the fence (or tunneling under the fence).

Remove All Climbing Aids

Walk the entire length of your fence and examine it from a dog’s perspective. Besides looking for weak spots, look for things such as woodpiles or trees with low-hanging limbs that might be close enough to the fence to provide the dog a climbing aid to get over the fence. Move anything that can be climbed upon and cut all low-hanging branches from trees planted near your fence.

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping the FenceRestrict Your Dog’s View

If your dog is able to see through your fence it may frustrate him to see the fun things going on outside his reach. Kids walking down the street, a squirrel or other dogs walking around. He may try to escape with these temptations. Let’s say you have a typical chain link fence. You can buy inexpensive rolls of reed fencing and attach to the fence to obscure the view. Plastic slats are a similar way to handle the problem. An especially attractive solution is planting fast growing vines to cover the fence. Just be sure to keep your dog away from the vines long enough for them to get established.

Easy DIY Coyote Rollers:

Effective Coyote Rollers

Coyote rollers consist of metal cable running through a PVC pipe. They are mounted a couple of inches above the top of any style fence and when the animal tries to jump over them the pipe spins and the dog cannot get a good footing to get over. There are commercial coyote roller kits but if you’re handy you can create one for half the cost.


How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping the FenceTunneling Under the Fence

Most dogs are great diggers and can easily tunnel under a fence. If you give your dog regular exercise but they are still bored enough to dig, try putting down shrubs and rocks along the fence to deter your dog. You can also try a spray deterrent. You can try attaching “L-footers” made of wire to the bottom of your fence with stakes but that may not be strong enough for some larger determined dogs. The best solution is to dig under your fence and install bricks or boards to keep them from getting out.

Double Gates Prevent Dashing

If your dog is a master at dashing through the gate when you open it you can create an “airlock” design by building a second gate. Depending on your layout it can be outside the original gate or inside. You will be able to go through the first gate and then close it before opening the second. Get a couple sections of fence and another gate to build a double “airlock” gate.

How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping the FenceGates Should Be Padlocked

Speaking of gates, it’s a good idea to keep a padlock on your gate. This will prevent your dogs dashing out and kids and strangers coming in. Figure out who gets a key and where you want to store the key for easy access.

A Refuge Not A Prison

Make your dog’s backyard a lovely refuge for him and not a prison. Help him want to be there. Create a DIY dog pit for digging and some interesting landscaping for him to enjoy.
How to Stop Your Dog from Jumping the FenceTry varying the hours he spends in the backyard to break it up for him. Don’t just leave him out there all day every day, leave him in the house too. Hide treats and toys out in the yard for him to hunt. Food dispensing toys are good too. Give him a good walk to expel his energy before putting him out in the yard. Do some training exercises with him to tire his brain before putting him out in the yard. When you’re at home, spend time in the yard with him. Play with him, groom him, do some training, and sometimes just lie in the grass with him. Make the yard a great place to be.

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