Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs – Strong & Flexible

Daily exercise is extremely important for a dog, and having a high-quality leash is the best way to make sure that your walk goes smoothly. When it comes to choosing a dog leash for your pup, there are a number of factors to consider. The length, thickness, and weight of the leash you choose will depend on your dog’s size and strength.

Dog leashes for large dogs up to 110 pounds need to be especially sturdy. There are also dog leashes that offer specific benefits to prevent your dog from pulling on the leash or to give him some gentle correction as he learns proper leash etiquette.

Because there are so many leashes to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right choice – especially if you don’t know what to look for. That’s why I’ve done the work for you in researching the best dog leashes on the market. Below, you will find my top picks (in no particular order) for the best dog leashes for large dogs based on design, construction, and user reviews.

Timber & Tide Outdoor Co – Leather Dog Leash

Cheapest Place to Buy:   Amazon $37.99

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible
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Color: Brown

Size: 6 ft x 7/8 in

Weight: 12 oz

Warranty: 1 yr

Amazon Review:  4.8 out of 5

This is a very attractive, premium heavy-duty 100% full-grain leather leash. It’s incredibly strong yet supple and soft enough to keep your hands comfortable on long walks. The antiqued hardware is made for the toughest-pulling dogs and is designed to withstand constant use unlike other leashes on the market. The high-quality leather is water resistant and easy to keep clean with a good leather cleaner. There is an unmistakable attention to quality and detail and Timber & Tide Outdoor Co. also engineered this leash to maximum military and law enforcement grade strength while also providing supreme comfort and functionality making this one of my top four leashes.


  • 100% top grain leather is comfortable and attractive
  • Made to last, strong antiqued hardware is extremely strong for the biggest dogs.


  • Leash is a little thin (4mm) and could be chewed through so keep it out of reach when not in use.

Flexi – Giant Tape Leash

Cheapest Place to Buy:   Amazon $27.69

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible
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Color: Black / neon

Size: 26 ft x 5/8 in

Weight: 1.6 lbs

Warranty: 2 yrs

Amazon Review:  4.6 out of 5

Made in Germany, this black Flexi Giant Retractable Dog Leash is for large dogs that weigh up to 110 pounds. It is designed for large breeds in typical walking environments and open areas with lots of space. Over the past 40 years, flexi retractable leashes have become a must-have item for pet owners around the world. Flexi retractable leashes are known for their high-quality, superior durability and attractive design. This leash deserves to be in my top four!


  • Retractable leash allows your dog to explore the area, letting him go out as far as the leash will go. By using the switch on this type of leash, you can reel him back in if he is distracted during the walk.
  • Let’s say it’s pouring rain and your dog needs a bathroom break. You stay under the porch for shelter while your dog does his business. Convenient if you’re all dressed up and don’t want to get wet.


  • Retractable leashes are not meant to be used when first training your dog to properly walk on a lead. To discourage pulling, your best bet is to start off with a traditional 4- to 6-foot fabric or leather leash.

Leashboss Original – No-Pull DBL Handle Training Lead

Cheapest Place to Buy:   Amazon $27.98

Color: Black

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible
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Size: 5 ft x 1 in,

18 in handle

Weight: 4.8 oz

Warranty: 5 yrs

Amazon Review: 4.7 out of 5

Walking your dog is supposed to be enjoyable for the both of you, but all too often, it ends up feeling like a tug of war! An ordinary training leash just doesn’t provide enough control to keep a big dog who loves to pull on course when you’re walking down the sidewalk or through the park. The Leashboss Original Heavy Duty Dog Leash for Large Dogs is a unique dual handle dog leash with a non-bending traffic handle 18 inches from the leash’s clip and a second handle at the end of the 5-foot long pulling dog leash. Both handles are amply padded to ensure your comfort and prevent leash burn when your dog starts to tug. This leash is ideal for dogs over 40 pounds and can hold up to the force of vigorous pulling. Wonderful leash and therefor, must go on this list.

Leashboss Duo – No Tangle Leash for Walking Two Dogs

Cheapest Place to Buy:   Amazon $32.98

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible

Dog Leashes for Large Dogs - Strong & Flexible
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Color:  Black

Size:  Handle 12 in

Coupler 11-20 in

Weight:  9.6 oz

Warranty:  5 yrs

Amazon Review:  4.7 out of 5


  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Comfort grip handles, dual handle design
  • 5-foot length ideal for large dogs
  • Made in the USA and covered by 5-year satisfaction guarantee


  • Somewhat expensive, shorter length limits the dog’s freedom

Another great leash by Leashboss! With this double clip leash, you can train two dogs to walk together at once! Thanks to the padded, ergonomic handle there is no chance of leash burn; only comfort and no-slip security. The double dog leash has two separate adjustable straps so you can walk two different sized dogs. Both the coupler and handle are made of durable 1 inch nylon webbing with reflective threads stitched right in to keep you and your dog safe at night. It’s also very versatile since the handle detaches and a longer leash can be substituted if you need more length. But I would use this perfectly designed leash as intended for keeping your pups close by your side while walking.

Final Thoughts

Dogs with poor leash manners are not bad dogs. Most are likely just energetic, smell-driven, or excitable. While bad leash behaviors are likely to be ignored more in small breeds, a shocking number of large and strong dogs are also left to repeat negative habits over and over again on-leash. These situations become increasingly dangerous with the size and power of a dog. The more pull the animal has, the more likely a human is to lose control, possibly resulting in one of several terrible scenarios. Entering a crosswalk while traffic is heavy, lunging at wild animals or other pets, intimidating children or dog-fearful adults, or worse.

These four leashes are all excellent choices to keep your dog safe and to keep you in full control of your dog. I hope you enjoyed my post and I encourage you to leave comments and questions below. I try to answer questions within a day or two.

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