About Lauren


I have been involved in dog behavior and training for many years and now I write about dogs full time. My inspiration is my dog, Bailey, a Great Pyrenees rescue. My husband, Doug, and I both love animals and especially dogs. In 2015, we started our doggy daycare and dog boarding business out of our home through Rover.com. We’ve really enjoyed the companionship of our furry friends over the years. We have kept photo/video journals of hikes, family get togethers and many other activities with all the dogs. It’s a unique perspective to get to know hundreds of dogs who are ‘regulars’ that come back again and again. All different breeds and mixed-breeds, mostly rescues, luckily. I’ve learned so much about them and Doug and I feel so lucky to be able to center our lives around them.


I have always written a daily journal of notes while dog sitting so it gave me the idea to write a helpful dog blog about the latest information on dog care, differences between breeds or dog behavior; dog health or the best dog food or dog gear. I love dogs and want to help people quickly find the best dog products because there are so many inferior products out there that can waste your money and even could hurt your dog.


I’d like to provide helpful dog information for beginners – but more seasoned dog owners can also learn a thing or two (especially with some of my new product reviews). It’s educational but also timely with weekly blogs about dog care, dog travel, dog products and breed information.



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